7 fashion handbags that bloggers look at much better price

The collection of handbags of some bloggers is really enviable: they handle brands like Phillip Lim, Michael Kors, Céline, or Chloé, that appear before our eyes on the computer screen, and we are fond of the moment, but we become unreachable by the price. Luckily there are versions of these cheaper and accessible bags , such as those brought to us by Spartoo.co.uk , to give us the pleasure of carrying a bag to the last without ruining our checking account.


The bags are comfortable this season: shoulder bag, or backpack, perfect for carrying all day with them when we are traveling or when we need to have many things at our fingertips. I have to think about the backpack very seriously, because with two small children, you are never prepared enough for any emergency.
The truth is that I am of classic handbags , black or brown leather, although lately I have diversified into navy blue, red or garnet. In summer, it is true that it is true that more fancy bags lighter or bright colors, which manage to animate our outfit at a stroke.
What is long over for me is to carry the bag in the hand or forearm in divine plan, I need both hands free to attend my children, so all my bags have a long handle to carry them on the shoulder . And better not to interfere or weigh too much, I do not stop all day running after my children, carrying their toys or kicking balls. Really, you do not know how complicated it is to be a fashionista mother lol.
I leave you with my selection of Spartoo.co.uk bags , I hope you like them, as you see many are clones or are inspired by some famous handbags:
Red shoulder bag , in the style of Phillip Lim, for 31.20 euros . A medium bag, very comfortable to carry throughout the day.
Black Moony Mood shopping bag , Michel Kors handbag clone, for 39 euros. A bag big enough to fit us all we need throughout the day. I like his classic style.
*  Black backpack  of Gila, for 37.50 euros. To return to our school days.
*  Gray bag by David Jones reminds me a lot of Céline’s Trapeze bag, but this one is worth only 39 euros. Gray handbags can give a lot of play.
* Clarks nude handbag for 89.95 euros. The light colored handbags I love for spring and summer because they look good with all kinds of clothes.
Shoulder bag in mint green , very similar to the Disco bag by Gucci, for 25 euros . The pastel tones are reluctant to leave us this season.
Rigid case with NYC logo by David Jones, its price is 49 euros. If we are going to travel this summer, we have to do it with style always, and at all times.

Photos: Vintage Collage, Viva Luxury, Blog cnd.

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