Where to buy replicas or copies of branded handbags?

We love handbags, we love handbags , but many times we can not afford it, and sometimes there are copies or replicas of those bags so good that it is impossible to resist. Even in China you can get two types of bags: plastic copies and copies with high quality leather, which give the total catch. We know that fakes are an illegal business and with quite dark consequences , but even to gossip, here you pass a few links, some with fake handbags , but also with second hand luxury handbags they are worth it.

Replica Handbags
Replica Handbags

From China with love

Classic handbags like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or the Birkin de Hèrmes , have been joined by copies of Michael Kors or Céline , who are now devastating. In this web you can see from afar how bad the copies are.

Ioffer is one of the websites that sell the bags at cheap prices, between 30 and 40 euros.

Ebay has models that can not be found on other sites, at really low prices.

Aliexpress , one of the largest Chinese online stores, also has its handbags section, which sells all kinds of bags of different quality, with brands similar to Chanel, Céline, Saint Laurent .

The brands are fighting hard against these replicas and many of the websites are being closed even on the web Replica Louis Vuitton can see how the brand itself fights against the attack on the world of luxury, high quality and exclusivity that are the luxury handbags .

Rent and second hand, the cheap (and legal) option of having a signature handbag

I’m not a friend of fakes, so when I start to dream about signature handbags, where I look is on the second hand websites of branded handbags , such as Vestiaire Collective , which is one of the most complete (one day I’ll save for a bag of Chloé , or in Yoox , where you have new bags of other seasons and searching you can find bargains in branded bags.

Almost all the websites of rental of branded handbags have an outlet section where to make you with bags, handkerchiefs and jewelry of luxury signatures at a good price, for example:

  1. Vip-closet
  2. My luxury handbags
  3. Look-and-stop

And these thrift stores have many cool handbags for sale:

  1. The Real Real
  2. ThreadUP

Who resists getting a Lady Dior for 500 euros?

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